Students inducted into NHS, NTHS


MaKayla Clements, Academic Staff Writer

Seventy-one students were honored to be inducted into two high scholastic organizations this Thursday, October 19th. Forty-four students joined National Honors Society(NHS) and twenty-seven students joined National Technical Honor Society(NTHS). After careful thought and thorough analysis, these inductees were chosen because they strive to achieve academic excellence and improve their community.

New NHS members are: (Juniors) Shanice Adams, Brisa Aguilar Morales, Lindsey Andino, Daniel Castrejon, Madison Denson, Katherine Diego, Savannah Divine, Neymi Espinoza, Omar Espinoza, Michael Fergueson, Katherine Galindo, Haydee Gutierrez, David Harris, Gizelle Hernandez Chaib, Christopher Hernandez, Sydney Jackson, Thailia Johnson, Jessica King, Kaitlyn King, Vicoria Kinney, Katie Leon, Madison McFarland, Amie Nguyen, Simon Oviedo Jr., Carsen Railsback, Bailey Richardson, Marion Lorenz Rico, Abigail Robertson, Citlalli Ruiz, Armando Sanchez, Sabrina Smith, Vanessa Tavarez, Alex Tellez, Litzy Villasenor Solis, Mary Wages, and Payton Wages. (Seniors) Georgina Castillo, Jacob Gaddis, Justin Herod, Hannah Mayfield, Nancy Mondragon, Anna Nguyen, Miriam Rivera Perez, Gerardo Sandoval.

” I am very appreciative to receive such an amazing honor,” said inductee Jacob Gaddis. “This is a very good way to end my high school experience here at Chapel Hill.”

The National Honor Society officers are President Sydnee Northcutt, Vice President Ryane Read, Secretary Tyler Autin, Treasurer Adely Zavala, and Historian Angela Ibarra.

New NTHS member are: (Juniors) Brisa Aguilar, Dora Moreno, Abigail Robertson, Citlalli Ruiz, Armando Sanchez, Karla Soto. (Seniors) Heather Crist, Erica Fossey, Jacob Gaddis, Madison Gore, Christopher Hamilton, Jacy Harden, Justin Herod, Meredith Herring, Angela Ibarra, Delores Kimmel, William Lyles, Nancy Mondragon, Sydnee Northcutt, Caroline Onwuzu, Ryane Read, Karyme Renteria, Miriam Rivera, Gizelle Santiago, Kassandra Soledad, Destiny Tucker, Caleb Wages.

“I am very honored to receive this award and acceptance into such an upstanding organization,” said Rivera. “I look forward to what I can do to help the organization in the following months.”

The National Technical Honor Society Officers include President Adely Zavala, Vice President Tyler Autin, Secretary Myah Runyan, Treasurer Lizbeth Anchando, Historian Mallory Kea, and Sergeant at Arms Gabriella Campos.

“I am very excited about the year to come,” said Runyan. “I can’t wait to see what opportunities the new inductees will experience as we proceed through the year. I am optimistic about the future of NTHS.”

The ceremony concluded with words of affirmation from Principal Jeff Hogg stating how proud he is of all the students that were accepted into these organizations and their achievements.

“This ceremony is very near and dear to my heart,” said Hogg. “I remember when I was your age, sitting in these same chairs being inducted myself. I’m proud of all the choices made by these students.”