Giving proves good for the Sole


Kristy McGaughey , Academic Staff Writer

As of Thursday October 12th, the junior class was in the lead with the biggest amount for Shoes for Kids. After a long two weeks of raising money, Principal Hogg released the totals on Friday October 13th, which all together came out to be $13,168.16. The class that donated the most for the 2017-2018 school year were the Seniors.

“It is a worthwhile cause and it is so neat to hear of high school students who want to be involved in giving back because they once were recipients when they were in elementary school, ” said co-sponsor Chalease Denson. “This always makes my heart smile and reminds me of why I am so proud to be a Chapel Hill Bulldog.”

The 9th grade class raised $699, 10th raised $912, 11th grade $4,699, and 12th received $6,758 worth of donations. The juniors and seniors both set new records by getting teachers, middle school students, and class organizations involved in addition to local community businesses and members.  Student Senate members earn points through service, or other Senate activities, in order to attend the days that elementary students get to pick at new shoes, have pizza and visit the Discovery Science Place.

“This is something I have been apart of since I was a freshman,” said Ryan Reed. “Every year Shoes for Kids is something I look forward to because of the rewarding feeling and how enlightening it is to see the kids excited about something we take for granted.”

Wise Elementary and the middle school came together to help raise money for this cause. The middle school participated by charging two-dollars on dress up days. While Wise went around the community asking for any donations, raising over $1,000.

“Many of us take for granted a new pair of shoes, or maybe just a pair of shoes that fit, or have no holes,” said Denson. “How rewarding it is to be able to provide for those students who do not have the opportunity to have new shoes, or shoes that are not “hand-me-downs’.”

The fundraiser began 21 years ago and has continued with the support of our student body. The Student Senate organization is in charge of the fundraiser, but by making it a class competition each year, every student on campus has the opportunity to participate.

“Shoes for Kids is something very special to Chapel Hill,” said Lauren Lewis. “The reason I joined was because of the pictures I see. The kids are so happy, and it is very rewarding to see those less fortunate get something that means so much. Every time I have donated I always tell myself that even a penny helps. After seeing how close the district gets when we do this event touches my heart.”