Bulldogs beat down bulge


Jessica Otte, Newspaper Advisor

Over 20 teachers competed in KBTV’s version of the Biggest Loser, called “The Bulldog Beatdown”. There was a gold team and blue team who began the competition before Spring Break. The final weekly weigh-in was on Friday, April 28th.

After tallying every contestant’s weight, the gold team won based on the largest amount of weight-loss percentage, and an individual monetary award was given to Coach Jeremy Durham who lost a total of 23.9 lbs.

BTV staff decided to start the program after pitching ideas to administration. They helped build team comradery among contestants while encouraging results. Teacher and sponsor Alexandria Smith, guided the student-led program in an effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices for teachers.

“I wanted an opportunity for our faculty and staff to focus on their nutrition and fitness while enjoying everyone’s competitive nature at the same time”, said Smith. “I hope to continue to promote healthy living with an annual competition”.