Regional qualifiers Rewarded in UIL


Texas A&M Commerce hosted the Academic UIL Regional competition on April 8th. Students advanced from the district meet in Spring Hill for Spelling, Science, Editorial Writing, Computer Science, Accounting, Poetry interpretation, Current Events, Computer Applications, Debate and Informative Speaking, along with Debate and Informative Speaking.

Alesha Lewis competed in debate and informative speaking, Payton Wages in debate and persuasive speaking, Vanessa Gonzalez in computer applications, Javier Pizarro in current issues/events, Maya Reazin in poetry interpretation, David Doty in accounting, Alexis Sanchez in accounting and computer science, Chase Miller in accounting, Jared Carter in computer science, Patrick Bradley in accounting, Juan Lopez-Santoyo in computer science, Kristopher Jones in computer science, Caleb Otte in editorial writing, Jesus Villarreal in science, Ezra Patterson in science, and Litzy Aparicio in spelling.

“It was a great experience and placing as well as I did encourages me to work harder,” said Vanessa Gonzalez. “I look forward to competing at the state level next year.”

Maya Reazin received a medal for 6th place, Caleb Otte received a medal for 5th place, and David Doty also received a 5th place medal.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to view such a great school,” said Caleb Otte. “We did a really good job and I look forward to seeing our hard work pay off next  year.”