Culinary tastes victory


Jose Gomez, CTE Writer

Shie Sutton and Cierra Hill competed at the Taste of Tyler SNAP competition held at the Harvey Convention Center. They competed against two teams from Lindale, one from Tyler CTS, and Whitehouse.

The challenge was to create a dinner for four at a budget of $8.50. The score was close as they tied with Tyler CTS so it was all held to taste were Sutton and Hill won due to Hill’s ability to soften the pectoral pork muscle and make it tender.

“A lot of hard work paid off,” said Hill.

Sutton and Hill placed first in the competition with their artichoke pork, sauteed kale with onion, oven roasted acorn squash, sweet potato mash, queso fresco, and orange pan sauce.

“We will feature their winning dish in the upcoming weeks,” said Chef Leslie Rasco. “Please congratulate these girls as you see them today. They earned it.”