Lifters power through at State


Joseleny Martinez, Sports Writer

Powerlifting members competed at State in Abilene on March 25th. Wes Schminkey and James Freeman coached senior Decorian Horton, sophomore Eric Reaper, and junior Marquis Massenburge throughout the 2016-2017 season.

Team members competed in squats, bench, and deadlift. Horton placed fifth all around in his weight class; this is his third year to compete at State.

“Coach Schminkey has always motivated me to never give up and Coach Freeman was always like my ‘hype man’. He is always encouraging me,” said Horton. “I’m gonna keep lifting weights because it keeps me in shape and relieves stress”.

Reaper placed fifth all around in his weight class in his second year to compete at state.

“What motivated me to get better is my father. He has never believed I could achieve something so great and that had always pushed me to do better. My mother has always been there by my side supporting me an pushing me to get better her goal for me is to achieve a scholarship for my power-lifting”, said Reaper. “There is a saying that I say and live by it: I may know my limits, but I don’t pay attention to them.”