ProStart competes at state


Jose Gomez, CTE Writer

Students Tori Bell, Payton Wages, Serenity Johnson, and Alexis KuyKenddall competed in the Pro Start State event that was held in San Antonio,  Saturday, March 24 where only 12 teams competed statewide.

There were four different categories that they competed in. One is Critical Thinking category which had four judges, the mMnu category in which there are two judges, Operations category that had two judges as well, and the Marketing category that had two judges as well.

In the Critical Thinking category, students had to answer questions that were given by the judges; questions such as: what to do in real life situations and how to face certain problems.

In the Menu category, students were supposed to present a dish and explain the place it was native and how to prepare it. Students made Chicha Morada(origin from Peru), Tuna Ceviche(origin from Chile), and Pastel de Queso con Papaya(origin from Brazil) along with other dishes.

In the Operations category, students were supposed to discuss the roles of each person working there such as who’s the Head Chef, Sous Chef, Window Attendant, and the Driver.

And finally in the Marketing category students had to explain and give ideas of how to promote their name with examples such as using a radio app and punch cards.

”Even though we didn’t advance to Nationals, it was a great opportunity and we learned a lot from it.” said Wages.