UIL contestants rewarded with Regionals

UIL contestants rewarded with Regionals

On March 22, UIL competed in one of their last district meets at Spring Hill leading to Regionals. They competed in numerous events, with many Regional qualifiers and alternatives. The following students competed and placed in their event(s).

Language Arts Events: In Ready Writing, Jennifer Thornton got 6th. Litzy Aparicio got 3rd and Cosette De La Garza got 5th in Spelling. Caleb Otte received 2nd in Editorial Writing and 5th in Headline Writing. Jazmin Gonzalez scored 5th in Literary Criticism.

Social Studies Events: Javier Pizarro got 2nd place and Liliana Garza got 4th in Current Issues and Events. Adely Zavala received 4th in Social Studies.

STEM Events: Alexis Sanchez received 1st, Jared Carter in 2nd, and Juan Lopez-Santoyo in 4th for Computer Science. Alexis Sanchez, Jared Carter, Juan Lopez-Santoyo, and Kristopher Jones won 1st place for the team events. David Doty got 6th in Number Sense. Vanessa Gonzalez placed 2nd and Patrick Bradley got 5th in Computer Applications. In Accounting, David Doty received 1st and Chase Miller got 3rd. Doty scored 400 out of a possible 420 points. First Place Team for Accounting is David Doty, Chase Miller, Patrick Bradley and Alexis Sanchez. Science: Jesus Villarreal placed 2nd, Ezra Patterson received 4th overall; top Biology 2nd place team.

Speech/Debate Events: Alesha Lewis in 1st, Payton Wages got 2nd and Kathleen Rasco got 6th in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Nick Payne received 4th and Reagan Woods placed 5th in Prose Interpretation. Maya Reazin got 1st, Kiki Ford placed 5th, and Eddie Jones got 6th in Poetry Interpretation. Payton Wages in 4th, Jennifer Thornton in 5th, and Kathleen Rasco in 6th for Persuasive Speaking. Alesha Lewis received 1st and Aidan Wilt got 4th in Informative Speaking. They were the first place team overall Speech/Debate team.

Individual Regional Qualifiers are Litzy Aparicio, Caleb Otte, Javier Pizarro, Alexis Sanchez, Jared Carter, Vanessa Gonzalez, David Doty, Chase Miller, Jesus Villarreal, Alesha Lewis, Payton Wages and Maya Reazin. Team events include: Alexis Sanchez, Jared Carter, Juan Lopez-Santoyo, Kristopher Jones in Computer Science. In Accounting, David Doty, Chase Miller, Patrick Bradley and Alexis Sanchez, and our top Biology team. Individual Regional Alternatives are Adely Zavala, Juan Lopez-Santoyo, Nick Payne, Payton Wages, and Aidan Wilt.

“I am very proud of not only my accomplishments, but every other team,” said the president of UIL, David Doty. “We did good in practice, and performed even better! I’m proud to have these teammates and all of their accomplishments. I can’t wait to go to Regionals and see how well we all compete.”