TSA advances to State


Jazmyn Starks, CTE Writer

After students from Print Shop, Drafting, Wood Shop, and Photography competed at TSA Regionals in Carthage on March 20th and March 21st, several advanced to the April 8th State competition in Waco.

Drafting students included Dalton Green, Tyler Autin, and Lizbeth Anchondo. Green advanced in auto0drafting to build on site. Autin and Anchondo will team up in a structural competition, which is also built on site. There were 62 items and 52 received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons, all advancing.

“I think we did excellent,” said TSA sponsor, Jimmie Bybee. “We had about 60 things we took and all are advancing.”

The students who participated in the photography event were Isis De La Garza, Sara Pearson, MaKayla Clements, and Caleb Otte. Clements entered four photos that included a black and white landscape, a black and white animal life, a black and white close-up (macro), and a black and white action/motion photo. De La Garza entered three photos that included a black and white animal life, a product in color, and a portrait in color. Otte entered seven photos that included a black and white architectural photo, a black and white landscape, product in color, a product in black and white, a portrait in color, a portrait in black and white, and a black and white still life. Pearson entered three photos that included a portrait in color, a black and white portrait, and a black and white animal life. All photo students advanced to State and received ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at Regionals.

Print Shop teacher Benjamin Dieter entered graphic design students at Regionals. Events included James McDonald’s one color t shirt, Jared Carter’s multicolor t shirt and coffee mug, Brandon Sanchez’ one color mouse pad, and Isis De La Garza’s multicolor mouse pad. All graphic design students advanced to State with ribbons.

“The kids worked hard and did a good job,” said Dieter. “I expect them to do well at State.”

Manufacturing Wood teacher Chris Johnston participated and took an antique white armoire by Gus Morris, Dennis Shacklett, Alex Burch, Samuel Hernandez. Wood Tech also competed with a cherry bookcase by Juan Tarango and Anival Robles as well as a walnut end table by Stevan Torres, Andy Alfaro, and Faustino Quezada. All three groups received first place and advanced to State.

On April 6th through April 8th, at the State competition, Autin won 1st in his animation drawing, a drafting drawing team project, and his drafting drawing; he received 2nd and 3rd in two drafting drawings. Castrejon won 1st in a 3D model and a drafting drawing. Clements received 2nd place in her drafting drawing and Gaddis won 1st place in his drafting drawing, Green placed 4th in two drafting drawings and Hamons won 1st place for his drafting entry. Harris and Hathcote both won first place in a team building project while Macias won 1st place in two of her drawings. Mondragon placed 1st in two drafting entries and Otte placed 3rd for his drafting piece. Patino won first place in a team drafting project and she received 3rd and 4th place in two of her drawings. Sanchez won 1st place and 3rd place in his drafting entries.

Wood Tech students, Tarango and Robles received 3rd place at State for their bookcase. Morris, Shacklett, Burch, and Hernandez won 1st place for their armoire.

“I am very proud of my seniors and I will miss them next year”, said Johnston. “All of my students worked very hard and learned a lot. I am looking forward to next year”.