UIL reigns at Rains


At the Rains meet Chapel Hill students were 1st place Social Studies Team, 2nd place Science Team, and 2nd place Current Issues Team.  March 6th meet.

“It was very exciting having placed first,” said Vanessa Gonzalez. “With District coming up next it gave me a great deal of confidence.”

Jared Carter received 5th overall in Science and 4th in Computer Science, Cosette De La Garza placed 6th in Spelling along with 5th place in Current Issues/Events, Jacob Gaddis placed 4th in Social Studies, Jazmin Gonzalez received 5th place Literary Criticism, Vanessa Gonzalez won 1st place Computer Applications, Alesha Lewis won 1st place Informative Speaking along with 4th place Lincoln Douglas Debate, Javier Pizarro got 5th place in Social Studies, Alexis Sanchez got 5th place Accounting and  6th place Computer Science, Jesus Villarreal won 1st place overall Science and had the top Biology score, Adely Zavala received  3rd place in Social Studies.

“I felt very confident about my team,” said Adely Zavala. “We prepared ourselves very well.”