‘Jekyll and Hyde’ steal first place


Jessica Otte, Advisor

UIL One Act Play (OAP) advanced to Bi-District at today’s District competition in Bullard. Director Blade Healey led this year’s cast and crew of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” to 1st place as they received straight One ratings from every single judge.

“Our cast and crew did a phenomenal job”, Healey said. “These kids have worked nonstop since December, and I could not be more proud of them”.

Nick Payne and Sara Pearson won All Star Cast while Aiden Wilt won best actor. Bi-District will be held here on campus, March 25th as OAP compete in hopes of advancing to Area.

“There is no other feeling like advancing in OAP”, Payne said. “You have all your friends with you cheering and laughing. Then when your school wins awards (like Best Actor, All-Star Cast, and first place), it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

Additional awards were also won. Caroline Onwuzu and Abby Soriano received Honorable Mention All Star Cast. Alyssa White received the Honor Crew award for lights.

“OAP is one of the greatest things I’ve ever been a part of. I thank everyone who’s made my senior year, in theatre, amazing”, Payne said.