Little Food Pantry goes a long way


Mirna Zolorzano, Fine Arts Writer

On March 2nd, student members of the Art Society put up a neighborhood food pantry in front of Lake Tyler Baptist Church for those in need in the community on Big Art Day which is an art happening to raise awareness of art education and art as a creative force in communities on a statewide scale.

Javier Pizarro, Jacob Gaddis, Christian Leady, Dillon Pellegalle, Priscila Lopez, Samantha Sibal, Jaysia Maples, Stephen Anderson, Maya Reazin, Anna Nguyen, Drew Thormer, and Kirstan Pinke were all participants in the community installment.

Students received donations of the cabinet from a private donor, food donation from the FCA and have partnered with the church to keep it stocked for those in need.

“I am incredibly proud of my students and the good they are doing for others.” said Mr. Dahlgren.

Members of The Art Society will also be sponsoring an 8 hour drawing day called Big Art Day in order to cause awareness for art education in our community as well as statewide.