Art students venture to VASE

Art students venture to VASE

The Visual Art Scholastic Education Art Competition was held on  Saturday, February 11 at Whitehouse High School. Students were interviewed and had to discuss their art among professional artist. The students had their art pieces rated based on a one on one interview with a judge, originality, and visual achievement.

Art teacher Mark Dahlgren took 16 and floral design teacher Kim Taylor took 8 the following student entries to the event. The students’ artwork was rated 1 through 4.

Priscila Lopez’s Acrylic Painting received a 4; Kirstan Pinke’s Watercolor painting received a 4; Jaysia Maples’ Mixed Media received a 4; Katya Menkina’s Colored Pencil received a 4; Chris Hamilton’s Photograph and Acrylic Painting received a 4; Taylor Deike’s Acrylic Painting received a 4; Javier Pizarro’s Watercolor Painting received a 4; Adam Dodd’s Colored Pencil received a 4; Jazmyn Starks’ Mixed Media Self Portrait received a 4; Micayla Branin’s Pencil Portrait received a 4; Mirna Zolorzano’s Mixed Media Self Portrait received a 4; Drew Thormer’s Colored Pencil received a 3; Cederick Smith’s Mixed Media received a 3; Jacob Gaddis’ Mixed Media received a 3; Christian Leady’s Acrylic Painting received a 3; Angel Halsey’s Mixed Media received a 3; Rhiannon Eastham’s Watercolor Painting received a 3; Anna Nguyen’s Acrylic Painting received a 3; Hanna Barron’s Pencil Portrait received a 3; Aaron Blake’s Acrylic Painting received a 3; and Brian Sanchez’s Acrylic Painting received a 3.

Taylor explained that a score of 4 means that they have moved on to the Area judging; it is the best score and equivalent to 51-60 points earned. There was 830 entries and 46 schools competed.

Floral Design students submitted art pieces as well. Sally Ruiz’s color pencil of Personal Flower Arrangement received a 4  (53 out of 60), and Ciara Mosley’s Pop Forals on Canvas received a 3.

Art One pieces included Starks’ Self Portrait of Painted Skeleton Face received a 4 (60 points out of 60); Branin’s Portrait of Dog “Ace” received a 4 (56 points out of 60); Zolorzano’s Self Portrait With Dogs and Pencil received a 4 (53 out of 60); Barron’s Portraits in Pencil received a 3; Blake’s Painting of Dogs on Wood received a 3; and Sanchez’s painting of Parrot on Canvas received a 3.

“I am super proud of their awesome scores and how well they represented our school. ” said Taylor.

Students who received a 4 will be considered for the State Competition in San Antonio in late April.