Angus shown in San Angelo

Angus shown in San Angelo

Paige Cobb, Editor In Chief

San Angelo Livestock show took place on Thursday, February 9 through February 12. Kara Pinkerton, Kaitlyn King, Dalton Line, and Sean King as well as two middle school students competed.

Kara Pinkerton and Kaitlyn King participated in the show San Angelo Livestock to show their heifers to the judges and see who had the best heifer in all, they were able to win scholarships and prizes.

“With her Belle heifer she was 4th in a very competitive class,” Roxanne Pinkerton, Pinkerton’s mother, said. “She was 2nd in Sales Talk, 2nd in showmanship, and was middle of the pack in judging and reasons.”

The Houston Scramble will take place on March 17th.