Academic Rodeo succeeds


Kristy McGaughey and MaKayla Clements

The Pentathlon team received the second most placements next to Robert E. Lee and Whitehouse in the Academic Rodeo.  The Pentathlon consisted of art and scientific illustrations, while the Academic Rodeo had science. Two teams from our school competed in the Pentathlon on January 27. There were eighteen schools from East Texas that competed in these competitions.

Biology and Anatomy teacher, Lalitha Krishnan led students to compete in the Scientific Illustration category. First place was awarded to Priscilla Lopez with a diagram “The Anatomy of a  Flower”. Sydnee Northcut received second place with her “Skeleton Typogram” and Javier Pizzaro won third for “A view of cells”.

“They did an excellent job,” said Krishnan. “We have been competing for the past two years now and I have seen a lot of progress.”

Art teacher, Kimberly Taylor entered students into the Art categories. Vasiqua Syeda received first place for the 10th grade spot and qualifed for a scholarship which will be announced in February.

The science teams, also coached by Samantha Butler, competed in five activities: two written tests (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics), a quiz bowl, and an engineering challenge to design, build, and compete with other teams using the engineered model.

Team A included David Doty, Joseph Miller, Dora Moreno, and Armando Sanchez. Team B included Alesha Lewis, Jesus Villareal, Ezra Patterson, and Hayden Saenz.

Team B placed 5th overall and Team A placed 10th overall. Individual best scores were David Doty with 2nd place in Physics and Jesus Villereal with 3rd place in Biology.

“I’m proud of my team and our accomplishments,” said Miller. “Even though we did not win, I still have great memories to look back on.”

Anthony Chavez was also one of three Honorable Mentions for all 9th grades high school entries. Brian Sanchez is one of three Honorable Mentions for all 10th grade High School entries. Jazmyn Starks is one of the three Honorable Mentions for all 11th grade entries. All of these students will walk across stage and receive awards for placing at the Academic Rodeo Award ceremony in February.