TAFE to take on State


Jose Gomez, CTE Staff Writer

CTE’s Ready Set Teach students attended the TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) Regional Competition which was held at Gladewater High School on Saturday, December 3rd.

Students Qwatajah Demus, Nakezia Houston, Karissa Gibson, Diana Valencia, Monica Ponce, Jamaal Johnson, Reagan Woods, Topanga Gibson, Grace Carnes, Cameron Bagwell, Jesus Torres, Kassandra Soto, Juan Alvarado, Haliegh Sanders, Summer Lewis, Amauri Thomas, and CJ Faulks all competed.

Twelve state advancement certificates were given for “Teacher Making Materials” for middle school (Demus), “Impromptu¬†Lesson” (Houston and K. Gibson), “Education Awareness Project” (Valencia and Ponce), “Impromptu¬†Speaking” (Johnson), “Public Speaking” (Woods), “Service Project” (Woods and T. Gibson), “Leadership Project” (T. Gibson, Carnes, and K. Gibson), and “Bulletin Board” (K.¬†Gibson) events.

“I’m so proud of them… they did awesome”, said teacher Lori Center.

Demus, Houston, Ponce, Valencia, Johnson, Woods, Gibson, Carnes, Torres, Soto and Gibson have all advanced to the State competition which will be held at he Arlington Convention Center, February 16-19.