Criminal Justice students practice mock arrests


Coraima Clemente, CTE Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 17th, teacher and former correctional officer, Ty Whitworth paired up criminal justice students to arrest each other in class.

Whitworth taught them how to apply and remove handcuffs as well as properly read the Miranda Rights to their partners while acting out an actual arrest.

The handcuffs are “used for the safety of the officer as well as the suspects during arrests”, said Whitworth.

The CTE course prepares students who are interested in that career path; it also offers dual credit courses from TJC.

“The study of Criminal Justice not only helps prepare those wanting to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, but helps some decide and others learn important civics skills”, said Whitworth.

On Monday, December 12, Criminal Justice classes will present eighth graders with information to help them decided which CTE courses they may choose to sign up for in the spring.