Chapel Hill’s Got Talent


Stephania Andersen and Sophia Renteria

On Friday, the high school hosted a district-wide talent show featuring multiple acts from each campus. The show began with Senior Nia Lee singing her interpretation of “Hallelujah”.

Maddie Williams, from Wise, took to the stage with her piano and sang “Trust in You”. Jackson student, Kamryn Shaddix sang a ‘High School Musical’ hit “Gotta Go My Own Way”. Kindergartner Lula Keenan, from Kissam, performed a “Where the Wild Things Are” skit. The Jackson Elementary Ensemble consisted of Dafnee Delagadillo, Crystal Rodriguez, and CJ Wallace; they sang “I Just Cant Wait to Be King” from ‘Lion Kings’ Kids’. Jackson student Jada Lee sang to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.

Dakota Bonner, from the middle school, performed his original comedy act. Kissam student Skye Figueroa danced a hip-hop routine to Missy Elliot’s “Where They From”. 5th grader Connor Griffin, from Wise, acted out his presidential debate monologue. Senior Heber Hernandez sang “Carrying Your Love With Me” by George Strait,

Wise student Martin Schmidt painted an oil piece which he presented to his mother, in the audience. Middle school student Ella Bagwell tap-danced to “Ay Carumba”. Abby Grisham, from Kissam, performed country song “This One’s For the Girls”. Junior Caleb Otte played an acoustic rendition of his original, “In My Past”. Senior Isis De La Garza executed her karate form. Senior Cruz Vargas rapped his original to an instrumental version of “Sail”.

Makayla Brewer, from the middle school, sang “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. Freshman Shelbee Denson recited an anonymous poem. Senior Maya Reazin sang “It’s over Isn’t It” and Bobby Green, who is a junior, danced and sang to an R&B mix.

The three judges, who are local figures, were Officer Windy Savering, Landmark Baptist Church Youth Pastor Martin Ibarra, and TJC’s Dr. Aubrey Sharpe also know as “The Man About Town”.

The winners, who were announced by fundraiser host Jessica Otte, were: Griffin for Wise Elementary, Lee for Jackson Elementary, Figueroa for Kissam Elementary, Bonner for Chapel Hill Middle School, and Hernandez for Chapel Hill High School. Caleb Otte was named the overall district winner for his worship song.