Senior ceremony for scholarship


MaKayla Clements and Kristy McGaughey

On Thursday October 13, seniors in the top 10 percent of their class attended a luncheon held at University of Texas at Tyler (UTT). While there, they received a scholarship and a few words of wisdom from UTT board members.

The students that received this opportunity are: Victoria McClay, Kaila Hubbard, Elizabeth Turner, Bryce Wages, Alicia Lewis, Aubrey Elder, Courtney Jacobs, Taylor Dieke, Keely Walters, Chase Miller, Blake Harris, Osvaldo Campos, Eric Hammons, Nick Payne, Isis De la Garza, Michael Soreano, Andy Alfaro, Maya Reazin, and Miles Miller.

“I think this is a great honor for our students,” said high school counselor Ruby Richardson, “This is just one reward for all the hard work they have done.”

While there, they received a scholarship that consists of a thousand dollars per year, for up to four years that they attend UTT.

“It was a great opportunity for us to gather with other schools and celebrate our hard work,” said senior participant Osvaldo Campos, “It is an option that I am grateful to have.”