Ace assists Micayla


Sophia Renteria and

Freshman Micayla Branin was diagnosed with Epilepsy with partial seizures in 2006. Doctors hoped that she would grow out of seizures once she turned 11 or 12.

Rather than growing out of her seizures, Branin epilepsy became more aggressive, and she now experiences seizures that involve loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. Branin has collapsed and injured her head badly many times, but to help with that she will be getting a Service Dog, Ace.

Ace will prevent her from hitting her head, or experiencing other harm when a seizure occurs. Ace can preform many other tasks, but he is at work and insuring Branin’s safety.

“I’m thankful to all of your support and respect that you have given Micayla over the past years as well as the encouragement she has received”, said mother Susan Linville.

The family has asked that students do not pet Ace so he will be alert and not have any distractions in order to fulfill his duties for Branin. Ace’s first day will be this Friday; he will be coming for a couple of hours next to slowly ease him into staying all day.