Kea holds the key to “Best of Show”


Mirna Zolorzano, Fine Arts Writer

Mr. Dahlgren and Mrs. Taylor congratulate  Art One, Advance Art, Floral Design and Sculpture Art students who placed in the East Texas state Fair Visual Arts Competition.

Mallory Kea received “Best of Show” award for “Pink Flamingo”; a hand painted sculpture on floor tile with original, Mosaic tile design.

For sculpture, Cassidy Willingham won first and second place for her “Eiffel Tower” and “Cornucopia Still Life”. Brooke Spiker won first place for her “Salvation” piece. Chloe Gouldthorpe and second place for her ceramic “Sea Turtle”. Claire Gouldthorpe got first place for her “Blue Whale”. Vasiqua Syeda placed first for her Prismacolored “Dragon Eye”.

For Floral design, Mirella Pimentel was awarded first place for her “Tree/cat silhouette” acrylic painting. Drew Thormer got first place for “Thanksgiving arrangement”. Rhiannon Eastham received first place with “Blue Calla Lily”.

For Art One Jazmyn Starks got first place with her “Seascape” piece. Isis De La Garza recieved first place with “Flaming Popsicle”. Taylor Deike got first place with her “Lion”. Vasiqua Syeda was awarded first place with her “Flower Still Life”. Brian Sanchez got first place with”Ocelot”. Aaron Blake recieved second place with his “Panda”. Victor Morales was awarded second place with his”Tiger”. Serena Robles got second place with her “Colorful Tiger”.

In Advanced Art Jada Spikes received first place with “Flower Still Life”. Ekaterina Menkin got first place with her “Wonderland” piece. Cederick Smith got first place withhis “Untitled” night scene. Priscila Lopez got first place “Untitled” prismacolor piece. Anna Nguyen received third place with her whimsical “Untitled” piece.

These students’ art will be up at the fair until Sunday October 2nd and will be displayed at the school’s entrance by Wednesday October 5th.