Fults fulfills goal in fourteenth year


Jazmyn Starks, Assistant Editor

Heath Fults was awarded Teacher of the Month this September for his inspiration and guidance among students and athletes.

Along with Amanda Adair, he started teaching at Chapel Hill four years ago. He has been teaching thirteen years in total. He teaches Pre-AP Biology and biology; he also coaches middle school football, JV basketball, and track.

“…He’s got such a good sense of humor and heart for the kids, but yet he’s really dedicated to what he does, and he’s very intelligent”, said Adair.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with emphasis in Aquatics, and a minor in Geology.

“No matter what he did or how he did it, it always made you smile”, said junior Vanessa Gonzales.

He is said to use humor to help his students learn, and he believes that it is “the key to learning.”

“I’m excited…it’s the first time in fourteen years I ever got it. I learned three things: tell the kids, show the kids, and they do something with it. And if you can incorporate humor, and anything that can stick in the brain, that’s the key to learning…”, said Fults.