Campus earns Academic Distinctions


Kristy McGaughey and MaKayla Clements

In the past 3 years, the high school campus has earned 17/20 academics distinctions. In 2013-14 we received 4/6, and in 2014-15 we received an outstanding 7/7. This year, we were scored 6/7 by the TEA (Texas Education Agency).

The distinctions consist of Top 25% Closing Performance Caps, Reading/ELA Achievement, Science Achievement, Post-secondary Readiness, Mathematics Achievement, Top  25% Student Progress and Social Studies Achievement.

“We now know what kept us back, and will strive to hit 7-7 this year”, said teacher Arlie Bice. “The leadership of the school, coupled with the dedication of teachers and students, is what makes this high school an awesome place to work.”