Miller’s team medals at Longview meet


Kylie Cagle and Joseleny Martinez

Cross Country competed in the Hallsville meet at Lear Park, in Longview on Friday, under the coaching of Jeremy Durham and Aaron Steele.

The boys’ team consisted of Joseph Miller, Gustavo Mendez, Gadiel Leon, Jorge Gonzalez, Andre Valencia, Garrett Herring, Armondo Sanchez, Payton Wages, and Trenton Granberry; they finished 5th out of 26 teams.

For the second week in a row, Miller received a 6th place individual medal out of 155 runners.

Last week, the girls’ team included Desiree Tillman, Neymi Espinoza, Dora Moreno, Haydee Guitierrez, Esmeralda Macias, Calyn Mooney, Stacy Leon, Jaylen Perez, and Cheyli Perez. They finished 16th out of 25 teams in the Robert E. Lee meet on the U.T.Tyler campus.

Both teams will run in the Puddle Jump XC meet, at Pine Tree, on Saturday.