Shattered Dreams: A school-wide tragedy


Lidia Cabrera and Paige Cobb

On the morning of April the 28th, at 9:18 the Grim Reaper banged on the door of the french classroom demanding the life of a student, and as the day progressed he sauntered down the hallways claiming the lives 28 other students. Parents and students gathered in the high school gymnasium in a memorial to those we had lost in a catastrophic event. Mr.Daniels (father of Allie Daniels, who was involved in the accident) had the opportunity to speak at the memorial, the pain was so evident in his voice that it touched many hearts of our school’s parents and students. Although this was only a dramatization, the tears that leaked from our eyes and the sobs that escaped our lips were all real. The pain and grief we felt for only a small amount of time was a fraction of what we would have felt if this were to have been a real situation. We knew this was only a lesson, a way to get students to learn that we should not be so reckless. We knew what it was, yet we still felt the heartache and sorrow in the air. We knew this was not real and yet our reactions were real.

About three out of ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related auto crash at some time during their lives. (MADD, 2003)

“[Shattered Dreams] is designed to prevent the many problems resulting from teen drinking and driving. Through role-playing, teens and parents are exposed to the seriousness of such problems. Students, who act out the death of teens, visibly engage their peers to consider the gravity of the problem. Abstract concepts become more concrete, and the consequences of actions become obvious. Shattered Dreams is an educational program, not just a one-time scare tactic.”┬áRonald M. Stewart, M.D. Trauma Medical Director, University Hospital, San Antonio, Texas University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio