Culinary cooks up a win at competition


Madison Westerman, Staff Writer

On Friday April 15, 2016 Culinary Arts students competed in the Annual Stephen F Austin Cooking Up Careers Market Basket competition.

In this competition, students are allowed 5 minutes with their instructor to plan at the beginning, then they prepare and plate their dish.  At a point determined by the instructors are allowed two minutes to give feedback to students before plating.  They do not know ahead of time what the protein will be and draw knives to decide which order teams may choose their starch.  They do have access to a limited pantry of spices, vegetables, and other items found around the kitchen.

During their cooking time the instructors may not assist in anyway.  While students are preparing their dishes they are scored on cleanliness, organization, teamwork, and technique.  They must work while talking to the judges who question them about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Cierra Hill, Shie Sutton, Maya Reazin, and Liliana Garza placed First. Their winning dish was lime jasmine rice and pork tenderloin medallions with a creamy mushroom sauce. Liliana and Cierra will be competing in the “Snap Challenge” which tests the quality of the food product based on the sound it makes when broken.

The challenge will take place on Tuesday at “Taste of Tyler”, Harvey Hall Convention Center.