New Highlighters for a new year


Crystal Vega, Staff Writer

33 girls made drill team for the 2016-2017 school year. On March 18th, tryouts for drill team were held. The team consists of the following girls:┬áSamantha Fuller, Katya Menkina, Kayla Hubbard, Sandy Rivera, Megan Tucker, Taylor Gilbreath, Sarah Wilson, Erica Fossey, Madison Sears, Mackenzie Ibarra, Angela Ibarra, Savannah Divine, Katie Leon, Keely Acker, Mady Roe, Haylea Roberson, Jessica King, Reagan Walker, Jasmine Gama, Madison Mcfarland, Samantha Borja, Natasha Bagley ,Destiny Tucker, Madison Densen, Victoria Tucker, Hailey Rae, Alexis Smith, Delores Kimmel, Hannah Shumake, Macy Rakestraw, Cierra Mosley, Chloe Williams, Tori Tucker, Alexa Fleming, and Raquelle Loera. “It was insanely stressful and it tested my limits, but it was completely worth it when I saw the ‘Congratulations’ in the envelope”, said Madison Sears.