Photography students capture awards


Madison Westerman and Jose Gomez, Staff Writer

Photography Students competed at the Tyler Parks & Recreational Photo Contest categories and won 23 ribbons.

For the Outdoor Events category  Shaeeka Thapa’s “Carson” photo won a 1st place ribbon, Charles McNeal’s  ”Tunnel” photo won 2nd place, and Kristy McGaughey’s ”Football” photo’ won 3rd place. In the Macro photography category Chris Hamilton’s “Hydrant” photo won 1st place, Caleb Otte’s “Fly” photo won 2nd place, Anastazia Rust’s ”Grass” photo won 3rd place, and MaKayla Clement’s ”Grass” photo earned Honorable Mention.

For the Abstract category Rust’s ”Canon” photo received 1st place and Hamilton’s ”Lightbulb” photo earned 2nd place. In the Wildlife category Otte’s “Cat” photo won 1st place and the Best of Show ribbon while  Vega’s ”Kiko” photo earned 2nd place, Rust’s “Egg” photo 3rd place, and Vega’s ”Dog & Balll” photo received Honorable Mention.

In the Family Time category Hamilton’s ”Dad” photo won 1st place, Clement’s “Brother” photo won 2nd place, Leslie Guerrero’s ”Little Girl” photo won 3rd place, and Otte’s ”Brother” photo received Honorable Mention.

For the Recreational Time category Rust’s ”Sliding” photo won 1st place, Guerrero’s ”Parade” photo won 2nd place, and Thapa’s ”Tennis” photo won 3rd place.

In the Historic category Guerrero’s ”Horse” photo took 1st place, Otte’s ”Car Show” photo won 2nd place, and Guerrero’s ”Musicians” photo won 3rd place.

Photos will be on display at the Rose Garden Center until April 10th during the Annual Azalea Trails Tours.