Early College celebrates NECHS week


Jazmyn Starks, Staff Writer

Early College students celebrate National Early College High School this week. They are under the direction of assistant principal, Karen Bender as they receive college credit from Tyler Junior College.

This is Chapel Hill’s second year to partner with TJC for underclassmen to potentially earn their Associate’s Degree by the time they graduate high school. Sophomore, Lauren Lewis will be the first in her family to receive a college education. “You can do anything and there may be setbacks, but that shouldn’t stop you”, Lewis said. 13 educational partners and schools in 32 different states showcase how Early College Designs help many financial struggling youth, students of color, and first-generation college attendees beat the odds that results in above average retention and graduation rates.

Early College tackles the issue of college readiness. It offers students a chance to have a hands on experience of how college will actually be. ”

We chose the ‘school within a school’ model because we knew it would fit our district’s needs the best. We want our students to be exposed to both college and high school experiences at once “, Bender said.

The college courses are usually taught in a separated building from the school, a college campus with the traditional college students, and the teacher is, of course, a college professor. The majority of the students graduate high school with their college credit, which helps save time and money if the student continues to further their college education. Approximately 30 percent earn an Associate’s degree or other credentials along with the high school diploma.