Payne captures pain of paralysis


Paula Castillo, Staff Writer

Nick Payne produced his own short film of “Sleep Paralysis” for the U.I.L Short Film Competition, which is due January 18 via YouTube to see if he will be advancing to the State level. His new film explores the idea of sleep paralysis which is the temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep; it is a common phenomenon where your mind is awake, but your body is not. Payne is a self-proclaim horror movie buff. Payne’s other hobbies include theater and band. He is a part of the KBTV school news production as the videographer. “Ever since I was a part of theater, in middle school, it got me looking into acting within film. Since then, I have spiraled off into cinemaphotography to direct, produce, edit, and perform any other aspect that film has to offer”, Payne said. “So, since then, my main goal in life is to become a director and cinemaphotographer of feature film.” He is now writing a new film to produce for the South By Southwest Film Festival.