Middle school tours Career Technical Program


Madison Westerman, Staff Writer

On February 15 the upcoming freshman came to tour the CTE building. The students walked around and explored the different programs that are offered.

Each class had a representative who talked to the eighth graders about the class and what occurs in class. Some programs have outside commitments that was also addressed to show the students that it is time to start preparing for their futures.

The courses that are offered are Game and Simulation Development; Criminal Justice; Ready, Set, Teach; Hospitality and Tourism; Print Shop and Graphic Arts; Business Finance; Photography, Newspaper, and Yearbook; Engineering Design and Drafting; Woodworking and Power Tools; KBTV (Bulldog TV, Audio, and Video); Health Science; Culinary Arts; Welding Technology, Animal Science; and S.T.E.M Building Construction.

“I am absolutely excited about the upcoming freshman. They had no idea we had all of this cool stuff up here,” said CTE Director Richard Palmer. “They were really happy that they can be fed through the culinary program. But there were many other classes they are looking forward to when they start school in the fall.”