Underclassmen chosen as Azalea Belles


Lidia Cabrera and Paige Cobb (EIC)

Lauren Lewis, Dezarae Cortez, and Savannah Divine are students from Chapel Hill that have the honor of representing Tyler, Rose City as Azalea Belles. Each spring season, in East Texas, the 10-mile long Tyler Azalea Trail guiding visitors through neighborhoods of brick streets, historic homes, and residential gardens filled with beautiful azaleas, dogwoods, and tulips. The official addressees of the Azalea Trail are known as the Azalea Belles, young ladies from the Tyler area who dress in antebellum gowns. The belles are chosen each year from Tyler high schools or home school families. It’s an honor to be chosen as one of the Belles, a tradition that dates back many years. The young women have an opportunity to promote our city, greet tourists and pose for photographs in front of marvelous azalea bushes in the historic brick street district. The opening ceremony took place on Thursday, March 24.