Twirlers compete at UIL competition

Twirlers compete at UIL competition

Madison Westerman, Staff Writer

Twirling UIL: On October 14th at Lufkin middle school

Thalia Johnson (Freshman) , Kaleigh Mckelvey  (Sophomore), Alexis Wells (Freshman), Heather Crist (Sophomore),  Cheyanne Herring (Sophomore), Myah Runyan  (Sophomore), and Adely Zavala  (Sophomore).

Solos: Thalia Johnson (2nd division), Kaleigh Mckelvey (2nd division), Alexis Wells (1st division), Heather Crist (2nd division), Cheyanne Herring (1st division), Myah Runyan (1st division), and Adely Zavala (1st division).

Ensembles: Group 1 – Adely Zavala, Alexis Wells, Thalia Johnson, and Kaleigh Mckelvey (Rating: 2nd division).

Group 2 – Heather Crist, Cheyanne Herring, and Myah Runyan (Rating: 1st division).

Going to state for solos: Alexis Wells ,Cheyanne Herring ,Myah Runyan , and Adely Zavala.

Going to state for ensembles: Heather Crist ,Cheyanne Herring , and Myah Runyan.