Art students outshine at East Texas State Fair


Crystal Vega, Staff Writer

Over a 100 artworks were entered across East Texas in the East Texas State Fair Competition. The following Chapel Hill Art students placed. Advanced Art students included 1st place winner (“John Lennon” in Pen and Ink/ human) Priscilla Lopez, 2nd place winner (“Eye” in Watercolor/ illustration) Christopher Hamilton, 2nd place (“Mirror” in Mixed Media/ abstract) Charissa Kohlhaas, 3rd place (“Sea Turtle” in pencil/ animal) Uriel Pounce, and 3rd place (“Mr. Dalgren’s Dog Portrait” in pencil/ animal) Makayla Clements .

Art I students included 1st place winner (“Faithful Vision” in pencil/ face) Kassidy Perry, 1st place (“Panda with Splatter” in Acrylic/ wildlife) Jose Munoz, 1st place (“Flower” in Oil Pastel) Jose Arreguin, 1st place (“Rose”in pencil/ flower) Jaysia Maples, 1st place (“Flying High for Freedom” in colored pencil/ animal) Danillo Martinez , 1st place (“Radial Balance Butterfly”in watercolor/ structural)Benjamin Jauregui, 2nd place (“Panda Walking” in colored pencil/ wildlife) Alex Tellex , 2nd place (“Radial Balance Elephant” in watercolor/ structural)  Morgan Hudson , 2nd place (“Tiger Stare” in pen & ink ) Dominique Vazquez ,  2nd place ( “On The Range” in pencil/ animal) Hunter Moseley, (“Fish”2nd place in Acrylic/ animal) Vasiqua Syeda , 3rd place (“Fish” in watercolor/structural) Danielle Oieda”, 3rd place in pencil/ wildlife was Juvenal Pounce’s ” Deer”, and 3rd place (Radial balance design/ Lion”in pen&ink/ wildlife) Paul Ford “Deer profile”.

Vazia Syedo (“Zebra”, in ink), and Karla Torres (“Mallard”, in pencil) both received  Honorable Mention.

Floral Design and Pottery students included 1st place winner Bailey Richardson (“Fall Arrangement” in hand sculpted clay pumpkin,), 2nd place Mazie Rawls (“Fall Arrangement” in hand sculpted clay pumpkin) and 3rd place Rhiannon Eastham (“Fall Arrangement” in hand sculpted clay pumpkin).

Sculpture students included 1st place winner Michael Tang (“Surrealistic Dragon in Mixed Media), 1st place Charissa Kohlhaas (“Surrealistic Elephant in Mixed Media”, and 2nd place Cassidy Willingham (Surrealistic in Mixed Media).