• May 14Gabby Campos, Karyme Renteria, and Tyler Autin make Drum Major

  • May 13Malik Sellers placed 5th and Mykaela Alfred placed 8th in hurdles at the State track meet on May 11-13

  • May 8Haylea Robertson makes Highlighter Captain and Ryane Read makes Head Cheerleader

2016-2017 Staff

Stephania Andersen

Student Life Writer

This is my first time as a Student Life writer on the newspaper; I am a junior at Chapel Hill. My future plans are attending TJC and finishing my basics. I would then like to move to the University of Toronto or Queens University...

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Kylie Cagle

Sports Writer

My name is Kylie Cagle I am a senior at Chapel Hill. I am a staff member of the Newspaper. I have been a part of the yearbook staff for two years and I am still involved in it.  I am in the Top 20% of my graduating class and...

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Coraima Clemente

CTE Writer

I am a 17 year old junior in the class of 2018 This is my very first year in newspaper and I am a witter for the CTE section. I look forward to accomplishing and learn new things each and every day.

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Joseleny Martinez

Sports Writer

My name is Joseleny Martinez. I am a junior at Chapel Hill High School. I take advanced classes such as Algebra. My job involves me communicating with people and I love what I do. I also love writing and photography and enjoy...

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Sophia Renteria

Student Life Writer

I am in the class of 2018. This is my first year being in newspaper as a Student Life writer, and I'm very excited! My future plans are going to become an Ultrasound Tech, or either an Incubator Nurse.

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Madi Gore

Fine Arts Writer

I'm Madi Gore. I'm a junior at Chapel Hill. After high school,  I want to go to college to become a musical therapist. Music and writing are everything to me. I am looking forward to writing for Chapel Hill Unleashed this 2016-2017...

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Mirna Zolorzano

Fine Arts Writer

My name is Mirna, I am a junior at Chapel Hill. In the future, I would like to be a history teacher or a veterinarian. I have 7 siblings and 2 dogs. I love Elvis Presley... a lot. I am looking forward to writing for Chapel Hill...

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Kristy McGaughey

Academic Writer

I am a junior at Chapel Hill High School. I enjoy taking pictures and being involved in the school's health program. I may, one day, become an Oncologist.

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MaKayla Clements

Academic Writter

I am a junior at Chapel Hill High School. Along with Newspaper, I am involved in Art, TSA, and multiple school organizations, such as Student Senate and International Club. I love taking photos and reading books from "the wizarding...

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Jose Gomez

CTE Writer

I am a senior graduating in 2017. I am 18 years old, and it is my second year of newspaper. I am a writer in the Career and Technology section.

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Paige Cobb

Editor In Chief (EIC)

My name is Paige Cobb and I am the Senior Editor In Chief at Chapel Hill High School. I grew up in Colorado and moved to Tyler, Texas last summer. I enjoy hiking all over the Rocky Mountains and rebuilding old cars. I am planning...

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Jazmyn Starks

Assistant Editor

My name is Jazmyn Starks and I am a Junior attending Chapel Hill High School. Writing, drawing, and reading are my hobbies. I am a student in the Early College program and a section editor for CH Unleashed.  I hope to receive...

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Alyna Barrientos

CTE Writer

My name is Alyna (A-lee-na) Barrientos and I am a junior.  I'm very energetic and I am always willing to talk and help people with anything. I enjoy playing piano, taking photos, and listening to music.

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Jessica Otte


I have been teaching at Chapel Hill for 12 years now. This is my third year teaching strictly Yearbook, Newspaper, and Photography.  I taught English for 10 years and have sponsored Yearbook for 11 years.  I graduated high school...

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